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years of success

years of succe to achieve what we aspire to

Since its establishment, the Baghdad International Center for Studies and Peacebuilding has held many international scientific conferences, seminars and workshops to discuss and discuss various issues at various levels (local, regional and international), in addition to the Baghdad Center organizing and implementing a large number of social, cultural and humanitarian activities and events. Likewise, the Baghdad International Center for Studies and Peacebuilding was able to conclude several partnerships and understandings with several research centers and institutions, inside and outside Iraq. For more details, please visit the link below

Center activities in cooperation with
The most prominent activities

The book (Contradictory Endings) by Dr. Al-Shahmani is on the scientific research table on solid scientific websites

In reference to the importance of the publication titled (Contradictory Endings), which was written by the head of the Baghdad

Within the Baghdad International Forum, the dialogue symposium was held (Iraq and its regional and international surroundings after twenty years of change)

Within the series of seminars (Baghdad International Forum) and in cooperation between the European Foundation for Dialogue and Development, the Baghdad International Center for Studies and Peacebuilding, and the Iraqi Foundation for Foreign Policies, the dialogue symposium was held entitled (Iraq and its regional and international surroundings after twenty years of change

مؤتمر فتوى الجهاد الكفائي

In conjunction with the anniversary of the issuance of the Competent Jihad Fatwa, the Baghdad International Center holds an international scientific conference titled (The Competent Jihad Fatwa: Importance – Contents – Dimensions)

.The Baghdad International Center, in cooperation with the Hashd holds An international scientific conference titled (Fatwa on Competent Jihad: Importance – Contents – Dimensions), which lasted for 15-16 / June / 2023.

مؤتمر ( حروب الجيل السادس)
About the center

The Baghdad International Center is the icon of Iraqi think tanks

The Baghdad International Center for Studies and Peacebuilding is one of the most important and prominent Iraqi research and thinking centers that was founded after 2003. Since its establishment, the Baghdad International Center has taken upon itself the responsibility of researching local, regional and international issues and events, and in various fields (political, security, economic and social). By holding several seminars and conferences

Center logo

The logo of the Baghdad International Center for Studies and Peacebuilding embodies the round city of Baghdad, which was built during the Abbasid era in the year 762-768 AD, and was then called the City of Peace.

Center name

The name of the center was carefully chosen by a group of experts and specialists to give it a civilized and cultural dimension on the one hand, and a scientific and academic dimension on the other hand. To be the name of the center (Baghdad International Center for Studies and Peacebuilding)

  • Vision
  • Goals
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Vision of Baghdad Political Club:

Considering that the Arab world is not considered a major investor in knowledge and research, and considering that existing study centers are limited in their content and do not attract a wide audience, the Baghdad Political Club seeks, in light of this reality, to promote investment in thought in order to support the development of societies. And because information is a trust, and because awareness is a message, and because thought is a builder of civilizations and societies, and because passing into the knowledge society requires a cultural and intellectual shift, and because motivating young people to think and educating them is a higher goal for the advancement of future generations, the Baghdad Political Club seeks, as an advanced interactive research platform, to provide research and studies And reports in a new unconventional format, focusing on solutions instead of focusing on analysis and criticism only. The club's reports also seek to contribute to the transfer of the ideas of academics and researchers from books, university papers and seminars to a larger interactive platform with a wider audience, and in a smooth, accurate and purposeful formulation that is easy to understand in order to give the public the opportunity to understand reality and the future in a clearer, objective and accurate manner, away from misconceptions, rumors and inaccurate facts that it produces. Especially communication sites, which are the most important source of information for the public today. The spread of such information has caused confusion among the citizen in understanding his reality and problems.

Baghdad Political Club Goals:

The Baghdad Political Club seeks to achieve a number of goals, most notably:

    1. Exchanging ideas and transferring knowledge between local and international researchers and specialists.
    2. Supporting the Baghdad International Center for Studies and Peacebuilding with knowledge.
    3. Providing decision makers with the necessary information and studies on various issues, events and crises, at all levels (locally, regionally and internationally).
    4. Presenting studies, research and preparing reports in various fields related to the work and interests of the Baghdad International Center for Studies and Peacebuilding.
    5. Organizing research and intellectual activities such as forums, forums, seminars and seminars.
    6. Measuring public opinion and consolidating its practice in a concept and culture, and building rules for managing information related to it.
    7. Acquisition of knowledge tools and curricula and contributing to their development in a way that helps monitor reality and understand its transformations.
    8. Supporting and encouraging research and studies in order to raise the level of knowledge. 9. Contribute to the advancement of translation from and to the Arabic language in order to expand the areas of acculturation and communication between civilizations

Participants in Baghdad Political Club:

Since the beginning of its establishment, many local and international researchers, specialists, and academics have participated in the activities organized and held by the Baghdad Political Club, in addition to the participation of a large number of government officials and decision-makers. For more details about the participants in the Baghdad Political Club, see the attached video.

نادي بغداد السياسي
Foreign participations of the Baghdad International Center for Studies

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    The center's regional and international interests

    The President of the Baghdad International Center participates in the symposium held by the Royal College of London in Britain

    Under the title of the situation in the Middle East and the future vision of the war on terrorism, the

    International researchers participating in the Baghdad Center conferences